May 13, 2015

FFL Licensing Plans and Pricing

Getting Your FFL?

We’re here to guide you through the process.

As a former ATF Investigator, I’ve qualified FFLs of all types, and sizes. Manufacturers, Importers, Class 2 ; Class 3 SOT holders, Dealers and Gunsmiths, Manufacturers, Importers, big and small. Home businesses or commercial.

J R Valdes,FFL Consulting Group

Class 3 S.O.T. Preparation No Extra Fees – All Programs


1)Basic Service: $99
We guide you through the process and screen your completed package prior to submission to ATF

1.  FLCG guides you through the licensing process from start to receipt of FFL
2.  We provide you with step by step detailed instructions for acquiring your FFL
3.  We provide personal tilored consulting services, answering all your questions throughout the process
4.  You fill out the application package and submit a copy to us for examination
5.  We recommend any changes or additions to the package if needed
6.  We ensure you have an application package that will likely be approved


2)Premium Service: $125
We guide you through the process and complete the application package for you

All the BASIC Services and:

 1. We professionally prepare the ATF application for you
2. We provide you a list of suggestions for getting through the required ATF interview

J R Valdes,FFL Consulting Group

3) Standard Service: $199

All of our Basic and Premium services plus:

Standard Service includes all the services of our Basic and Premium Services plus the following additional benefits:

1. Consulting services for 1 year after you are licensed
2.  We advise you on ATF compliance requirements

3.  Provide sample ATF Forms 4473 to use as guides if required
4.  Sample FFL Log Book with entries if required
5.  Advice and counseling about your first ATF inspection after licensing (may be 1 year after)
6.  We will examine a sample of your records for ATF compliance at your request during the one year period

Veterans: We respect and honor your service to the U.S. Vets get all our services 15% of regular price

Disabled vets. There are no fees of any kind for 80% or over disabled veterans. Others get 15% or disabled equivalent whichever is greater.

Telephone: 786-587-8827
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You could have your FFL in hand in as little as 45 days