March 10, 2015

Getting Your FFL – A Comprehensive FFL Licensing Service

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Former ATF Industry Operations Investigator

Teaches You How To Get Your FFL


Looking For The One Company To Help You Get Your FFL?

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Professional Service – We Don’t Sell Kits

  • How do I prepare for an ATF Qualification Inspection?
  • What is the purpose of ATF’s visit to my business premises?
  • For what reasons can a FFL Application be disapproved?
  • What additional documents are required?
  • What type of special security do I need?
  • What is a Responsible Person?
  • Should I incorporate?

Firearms Licensing And Consulting Group, LLC

We answer all these questions and stand by you and your business the entire way. Don’t Get Bogged Down In The Federal Bureaucracy. Allow FLCG to guide you all the way through this process.

  • Contact us for a free consultation and information
    on how you can get your Federal Firearms License.
  • Put 12 years of experience with ATF to work for you!   
  • Dealers,Manufacturers, Importers, Class 3 S.O.T.,
  • Any State

$99 – Basic Service Guaranteed – You Will Get Your FFL or There Is No Fee

Veteran’s Service – 15% Off All Our Services

Disabled Vets get Basic Service at absolutely no cost

If you are not interested in a professional service to guide you through the FFL licensing process, take a look at our publication “Getting A Federal Firearms License”.  This a comprehensive guide to obtaining a Federal Firearms License.


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